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BenchTop Touch Pneumatic Dot Pin Marking Machine A-30

Style number:Benchtop pneumatic dot peen marking machine A-30


Pneumatic marking machine is computer-controlled printing pin in X, Y two-dimensional plane by a certain trajectory, while print needle to do high impact exercise in compressed air, and to print out a certain depth mark on the workpiece.

After marking it becomes permanent marking, the workpiece of date marking is generally less than 5000, you can choose pneumatic marking machine, especially a variety of large heavy workpieces marking needs off-site job marking frequently, pneumatic standard machine is preferred.


Main characteristics: a greater depth of direct marking by computer output, marking is neat and clear

Main Typical applications: automobile and motorcycle parts, instruments, machinery, automobiles, signage and other industries.

Pneumatic marking machine has the advantage of deep or shallow mark, whether graphics, text, product serial numbers, trademarks, etc., after marking it becomes permanent marking.



No. 2  Introductions

Marking Range 300*200mm
Suitable for Customers who require large quantity and high accuracy Applicable workpiece Almost all material, shape, size
Marking speed 4 letters/ s ( 2 mm high letter or number) Marking depth 0.02~ 2mm adjustable (according to the workpiece material)
Workpiece hardness < HRC60 Repeat marking accuracy 0.01mm
Operation system 7″screen integrated touch dual control system Multiple fonts Various fonts can be selected and loaded
Input mode Manual operation, auto increasing serial numbers( can be set) Marking content All kinds of characters, serial numbers, VIN codes and graphics anti – counterfeiting marks
Software system The newest industrial marking system, which includes inlaid soft keyboard, English interface switch, higher accuracy, faster speed and can be connected to computer Graphic edit Simple graph can be drawn directly by our marking software
Marking direction Four directions, tube surface and sector Font edit Various marking fonts can be remodelled
In support of bar code Support all kinds of bar coding machine Graphic transformation Various transformating way of graphic files is available
Automatic memory The set condition and serial numbers are memorized automatically Digital retrieval Everyday’ s marking contents can be kept and the marking data can be retrieval
Rotating upgrade Can be linked to rotating device to mark circular workpiece Automatic saving Files saving can be reminded
Analog display Marking effect can be observed directly on the screen Continuous working hours > 96 hours
Voltage/ power 220V 50HZ ±10%
About 200W
Impacting frequency > 200HZ
Air pressure >=0.6Mpa( actual use 0.2~ 0.4 Mpa) Working temperature 5~ 45 ℃
Dimension 700*600*880mm Weight 80kg


No. 3  Pictures



No.4  Details



No.5  Configuration



No.5 Application

It’s used in auto parts, machinery equipment, flanges, electrical equipment, metal pipe. It’s suitable for all kinds of metal machinery parts, machine tools, metal products, steel, copper, iron, aluminum, alloys, plastic marking work.




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