Laser Marking On Organic Materials

When laser marking on organic materials, the CO2 source and UV source is the best solution for marking on glass, leather, wood and paper. The YAG laser does not normally produce satisfactory results for these materials.

Our CO2 lasers and UV lasers let you quickly and permanently mark alphanumeric codes, logos, and bar codes into a variety of materials at high speed.

Among the outstanding features laser marking has to offer are greater reliability and productivity compared to the conventional solutions such as ink jet printing.

What Kind Of Organic Materias Is Suitable For Laser Marking?

Laser For Integration

02.Fiber Benchtop Laser Marking Machine
Fiber Benchtop Laser Marking

An all-round marking equipment, Its strong adaptability, low maintenance, it is often used in the metal processing industries.

Flying UV Laser Marking Machine
UV Flying Laser Marking

UV Flying Laser Marking machine fast processing efficiency and marking speed on the production line.

01.Portable Laser Marking Machina
Portable Laser Marking

The small desktop model has the advantages of economical benefits, high cost performance, small and compact, easy to transport and carry.