Double red light metal galvanometer

Metal body structure, built-in double red light marking indicator, has the advantages of no adjustment, no maintenance, high stability, and can upgrade the high-speed digital scanning galvanometer


The whole machine is small, flexible, convenient, powerful, and not limited by the use of space

Can be disassembled at will

Compact design, the whole machine is small and portable, and the optical path of the column can be disassembled at will

High quality light source

Using advanced fiber lasers, the output beam quality is good and the reliability is high

Precision and Accuracy

With the KX-K Pulse 20w Fiber Laser Marking Machine, you can achieve unparalleled precision and accuracy in your marking projects. Our machine utilizes advanced fiber laser technology to deliver crisp, clean lines and accurate markings, even on the smallest and most intricate details. Whether you need to mark serial numbers, barcodes, logos, or other designs, the KX-K Pulse 20w Fiber Laser Marking Machine can handle it all with ease.

Speed and Efficiency

When it comes to industrial marking, time is money. That’s why the KX-K Pulse 20w Fiber Laser Marking Machine is designed for maximum speed and efficiency. With a rapid marking speed of up to 10000mm/s, our machine can quickly and easily mark large volumes of products with consistent quality and accuracy. Plus, with its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, you can set up and start marking in minutes, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

Versatility and Durability

The KX-K Pulse 20w Fiber Laser Marking Machine is built to last, with a rugged and durable construction that can withstand even the toughest industrial environments. Plus, it’s versatile enough to handle a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and more. Whether you need to mark stainless steel parts for the aerospace industry, plastic components for the automotive industry, or any other type of material, the KX-K Pulse 20w Fiber Laser Marking Machine is up to the task.

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