Q8 is powerful, solid and reliable. The weight of the whole machine is 6 kg, and its marking head is only 1.25 kg. It has an ergonomic grip, which is comfortable to hold and easy to operate.

Rear USB interface, software support: text, pattern, two-dimensional code, barcode, serial number, graphics and other marking content, in addition, Q8 also has a special box that is convenient for storage and can be carried to different places. It is one of the smallest rechargeable laser marking machines on the market!

Iron Marking

Excellent for permanently marking traceable rails, rail couplings, water and steam pipes, handrails, tyres, straps for timber roof trusses and decorative ironwork and a variety of large iron products.

Aluminum Marking

Feel free to hold your device and laser mark auto parts, tent frames, beach chairs, foil balls, computer cases, and anything you can identify as aluminum.