High productivity

Using online high-speed non-stop laser marking, high production efficiency, can work under static and high-speed flow of the production line


The whole machine is small, flexible, convenient, powerful, and not limited by the use of space

Can be disassembled at will

Compact design, the whole machine is small and portable, and the optical path of the column can be disassembled at will

High quality light source

Using advanced fiber lasers, the output beam quality is good and the reliability is high

Speed and Accuracy

The T Series Flying Laser Marking Machine is known for its speed and accuracy, and it can mark up to 10,000 products per hour with a high degree of precision. This feature makes it an ideal choice for businesses that require fast and accurate marking solutions. Whether you need to mark codes, logos, or any other type of information, the T Series Flying Laser Marking Machine will get the job done quickly and accurately.

Versatility and Flexibility

The T Series Flying Laser Marking Machine is incredibly versatile and flexible, allowing you to mark a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic, and even wood. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses that deal with multiple types of materials, as you won’t need to invest in separate marking machines for each material. With the T Series Flying Laser Marking Machine, you can quickly switch between materials, which saves time and money.

User-Friendly Interface

The T Series Flying Laser Marking Machine has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for even non-technical staff to use. The touch screen display is easy to navigate, and the software is straightforward to operate. This feature ensures that you won’t need to invest in extensive training programs for your employees, saving you time and money.

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