Founded in 2008, MACLASER first developed inline laser solutions for major smelting plants. Building on our reputation, we moved on to conquer casting plants and automotive parts suppliers all over the world.

MACLASER brings the most promising laser technologies to the market. Our team develops complete laser solutions as well as high-performance lasers that can mark, clean, texture, and harden surfaces.  



At MACLASER, we believe in the power of laser technology to improve manufacturing processes and make them more efficient and sustainable. Lasers are highly flexible, and we harness this strength to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Our industrial expertise is unparalleled. Alongside our fast laser systems, we provide Class-1 laser safety, fume extraction, vision, automation, remote support, industrial grade components, cycle time optimization, and more.

Complete Solutions

When you work with us, we look at your complete manufacturing process and propose a solution that perfectly addresses your needs. No need to deal with several suppliers and wonder who is accountable. We provide all the features, peripherals and support needed to integrate the laser in your manufacturing process.

Guaranteed Safety

At MACLASER, safety is a priority. We make sure everything is in place to prevent accidents. This includes Class-1 laser safety enclosures, fume extraction systems, and specialized configurations for heat-sensitive materials. We also work with integrators to help them design Class-1 certified solutions. In any case, no need to worry about safety.

Fastest Lasers in the Industry

When benchmarked, MACLASER’s lasers are always the fastest. The reason is simple: we optimize everything for each application, including the laser parameters and the choice of optical components. Our automation expertise also allows us to optimize the process to a maximum.

Real Time Remote Support

Our lasers are equipped with secure remote features that allow us to take control of the laser from a distance to provide assistance. This allows us to provide support and training anytime. Your problems can be fixed on a call’s notice so you can restart your production operations as fast as possible.


To empower our customers to reach their full potential and build a sustainable world through the best laser solutions. 


To become a global leader in sustainable industrial laser solutions and provide the best customer experience. 


“MACLASER has been a great partner in improving traceability throughout our manufacturing operations.”

“The whole challenge was to find a partner with the same can-do attitude and hard-working mindset that are at the heart of Cascades Die Casting Group’s culture. We found in MACLASER exactly what we were looking for.”

“The people at MACLASER were very helpful. I really appreciated Alexandra, the Project Manager, and Nicolas, the Operations Director. They helped a lot because this was the first time we used laser technology for the cleaning process. We had never done it before, so I had a lot of concerns. They helped estimate the cycle time, fix the issues. People were very helpful. The PLC programmer, Guy, was also very helpful!”

Let's Work Together