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FAQs About Laser Marking, Cleaning, Cutting and Welding.

Do you provide service and support for laser equipment?

MACLASER provides free consultation, business plan, quotation, and sales services for the sold machines and accessories, provides technical support such as transportation, distribution, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance for the sold machines, and provides lifelong installation, commissioning, and maintenance services for software . Pre-sale service 1. Free sample cutting service:

Is the operation of the marking machine complicated? How does it work?

Using a marking machine is not difficult. You'll find all the guidance you need in the operating manual and videos.

Is the software free and is it in English?

Yes to both! The software is provided FREE of charge and it is in English.

What can a marking machine do?

Marking machines make "marks" or "stamps" or "engraves" on metallic or non-metallic materials or devices. Examples of metals: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, carbon steel, etc. Non-metal: plastic, glass, ceramics, resin, wood, cardboard, etc. The marking machine used depends on the material and product to be marked.

Because individual requirements require individual advice

We’ll advise you free of charge.