Laser Marking On Foils And Paint

Laser marking on foils and paint has completely replaced screen printing in many applications, especially in producing pieces for “day & night” applications. Laser marking gives you precise control over the amount of material you remove.

Laser marking on foils and paint gives you the ability to precisely define the size of engraved lines and improve the definition of corners, resulting in an enhanced appearance and a significant boost in productivity.

What kind of Foils And Paint is suitable for laser marking?

Laser For Integration

01.Portable Laser Marking Machina
Portable Laser Marking

The small desktop model has the advantages of economical benefits, high cost performance, small and compact, easy to transport and carry.

02.Fiber Benchtop Laser Marking Machine
Fiber Benchtop Laser Marking

An all-round marking equipment, Its strong adaptability, low maintenance, it is often used in the metal processing industries.

02.Fiber Benchtop Laser Marking Machine
MOPA Benchtop Laser Marking

It is widely used in alumina blackening, stainless steel stable coloring, plastic marking, chip marking, fine etching and other fields.