Laser Marking On Plastic

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Do Need To Mark On Plastics?
Plastics Are Not All Equal

Plastic materials have vastly different chemical compositions. In fact, polycarbonate, polyamide, polyester, PE, PET, ABS, among other materials, are all considered plastics. Their various compositions mean different outcomes for any processes applied to them, including laser marking. The choice of laser, in terms of required wavelength, depends on the type of plastic involved.

PET, for example, requires a specific short wavelength of 9.3 μm, which you can get with CO2 laser markers and UV laser markers. A laser with a different wavelength could overheat the plastic, causing micro-holes and burns. Laser marking on this quasi-transparent plastic results in white characters that seem to float on the surface. From PET bottles to thin films, using the correct parameters for making laser markings on plastics always delivers results that are clear and sharp.

Laser Versus Ink-Jet

The different laser sources and the extensive specialization of modern laser technology currently allow us to make laser markings on all types of plastics. Laser marking is better than other technologies for placing codes, logos, and designs on plastic components. Compared to ink jet, laser marking does not have the problem of ink adhesion, dark substrate contrast, or finish complexity. This is because the laser removes or changes the surface of the plastic material, or modifies its color, creating a contrast.



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What Kind Of Plastic Is Suitable For Laser Marking?

Laser For Integration

Desktop CO2 Laser Marking Machine
CO2 Benchtop Laser Marking

CO2 laser marking machine which produces a wavelength of 10.6um, At present, it is mainly used for marking most non-metallic materials.

UV Laser Marking Machine
UV Benchtop Laser Marking

UV laser marking machine is developed by using a 355nm ultraviolet laser, It is more suitable for ultra-fine marking of various materials.

Flying UV Laser Marking Machine
UV Flying Laser Marking

UV Flying Laser Marking machine fast processing efficiency and marking speed on the production line.